Nude Almond Mylk

Vegan and cold pressed almond milk, dairy and cruelty free. It is a happy moment to bring alternative to the everyday dairy product to the market. Perfect for your morning coffee, for cappuchino or latte, for your breakfast mysli or cereal. For cooking and baking and for your hot chocoltae or chai. Comes in 1L and 0,5L bottles.


Three juces


Powau has released its signature juices – Kale is the Beef is our green warrior, Unbeetable is truly one of a kind, and Betty Brown is an energy booster and dessert drink all in one sassy bottle.

This tasty trio is the result of six months of messy, colorful, delicious experiments in our kitchen. Now we've cleaned up the mess, perfected our recipes, and the juice is ready and waiting for you. 

Kale is the Beef – our signature green juice – has been our most popular juice and it's no wonder why. Made from just four ingredients – kale, cucumber, orange and ginger – it is a perfect combination of healthy ingredients, in perfect proportions.

With its sweet ginger bite, Unbeetable is definitely the juice for ginger lovers. This bright red concoction is made from watermelon, orange, beetroot, lemon, ginger and chia seeds. Indeed, Unbeetable is a sweet and spicy lady who will tempt your heart and titillate your taste buds. 

Betty Brown is rich, raw chocolate in liquid form. Sweetened with cold pressed pear juice, spiced with cinnamon, powdered with vanilla and perfected with raw cocoa, Betty Brown is the perfect replacement for your iced coffee, offering an amazing energy boost in a little bottle. Betty is even more delicious when served on the rocks!

Whichever signature juice you choose, give it a good shake, enjoy it cold, and store it at a max of 6 degrees Celsius. 

We also encourage you to consider the environment when enjoying our juices. We are kind of recycling freaks here at POWAU. That's why we have chosen easily recyclable glass and metal materials for our juices. If you share our values, please recycle our POWAU bottles. Or, at the very least, repurpose them – we think they make a nice vase for fresh flowers.

Powau Wellness.

Powau Wellness is all about juice cleanses and workshops

We are currently offering our signature Power of Juice cleanse, designed for juice fans with previous fasting experience and beginners alike. The Power of Juice cleanse lasts from one to five days. There is also an option for a special extended version. During the Power of Juice cleanse you will enjoy three POWAU juices per day. Our cleanse recipes differ from our signature juices and have been specifically formulated for cleansing purposes. Also included in the cleanse are general instructions for the duration of the cleanse + a daily surprise from us (because we like you!). For pricing and additional information, contact


Catering? Sure we can do that! If our raw, cold-pressed juices would be the perfect compliment to your next event, get in touch with us at


City Events.

Powau regularly attends Helsinki city events. If you'd like to see us at an upcoming event, contact


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