Where it all started.

Summer 2013, what a summer! Not to be all nostalgic about it, but one of the best ones to live so far. Loads of sun, much tanlines, days spent in parks and evenings at the beach. Wearing bikini more than any other piece of clothing. Many new friends with their new friends and dreams that became. It was also the time when playing around with ideas grew into possibilities, possibilities into chances, chances to action and action to results. Results, outcome, whatever you call it. That something, that makes your life change and shift your perception on what you can or can not do.

So dramatic, but actually playful and fun it was. Summer 2013 and we did "let's do this" thing. Me and my new friend Cata were opening juice&smoothie bar on a Restaurant Day that August. It was a tricky one, because on the other hand there was georgian cuisine I so much wanted to offer. Well, that still will have to wait.

Restaurant Day. Have heard about it, seen it, have eaten there and seen it grow. It's colorfull, it's fun. It involves meeting new people, it means there is plenty of food. And people who will actually put so much thought and personality when offering their meals. It's a big deal. You will have to make an actual schedule for the day to manage to be everywere. Worth the planning!

And if scrolling memory paths few months back from August, that's where all of the juicing actually begun. With one thing tracing to another, now it's easy to see when looking back. Learned about juices cleanses that spring from a friend who was a living proof of the health effects it has. Well, you can just see. I had many questions for that glowing person. It made perfect sense. Herbs, greens, vegetables, fruits in perfect combination and ballance, in liquid form nurturing your body with micronutrients. Next, my friend who heard about juicing obssesion I had, bought me a juicer from the fleamarket. Those 7e spent on it changed my life. Sounds huge, andl it is.

And there we were at the Restaurant Day in August. Me and Cata dragged most of my furniture downstares, all the fruits and veggies and that old juicer. That senior juicer was a boss! You could put stones in it and it would juice them. It was running for the whole day and lasted until the very end. Made freinds with most of my neigbours when we found out the cable is too short and had to ring some doorbells. to borrow few more. We made juices from the scratch, peeling and combining them right on the spot, making those kind of crazy recipes with radish and rutabaga involved. Sold out it all twice, got to know neigbours, made new random friends and most of all we kept everyone hydrated. Full on sunshine, more tan, sweaty happy people, natural high at it's best.

So why to do it once or four times a year? Can it be done other way and what kind of premissions do I need? Do I have the balls? All those questions that found answers one by one and two years later Powau exsists. Finlands first cold pressed juice company with our 12 retailers across the city. And this is is almost exactly a year ago when I dropped everything else and let the full focus and passion do thework along with persistance. This is something that wasn't planned, but happend anyways and was the best thing so far. If i wouldn't have a chance to try, I woudn't know. And wouldn't have those balls.

Though we started out as a juice company, it is clear now that Powau is growing into something more. Into showing up on the food market in other forms too. Good stuff is on the way and in your hands very soon! Promise!

With much love,

Your local juice dealer.